There are lots of hotels in Uzbekistan ranging from private B&B to luxurious. There are many boutique hotels as well in Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva which once where madrasah, house or carava-sarai. Big hotels accept credit cards. Hotel selection depends on your interests, needs and preferences. Here below we tried to classify hotels by cities, location, rate, level of services and rating. We do hope it will help you while planning your trip.

Tashkent hotels

  In Tashkent there are International hotels such as Intercontinental, Raddison Blu, Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent. Apart from above mentioned hotels we do recommend following hotels if you are seeking for luxurious hotels: Tashkent Palace Hotel, Park Turon and Grand Mir Hotel.

  If you are seeking for a cozy hotel with good location then it is surely Uzbekistan hotel. Apart from Uzbekistan you can stay at following hotels which are centrally located and good value for money: Shodlik Palace, Le Grand Plaza, Markaziy (Previous Sheraton).

If you plan to save your money but want to stay at a cozy hotel then we recommend following hotels: Grand Orzu, Orzu, Grand Tashkent, B&B Gulnara or B&B Rovshanbek. See the hotel prices here.

Samarkand hotels

While you are in Samarkand we do recommend to skip big hotels and try to stay at privately owned and neatly run hotels ranging from B&B to 3* hotels such as: Malika Prime, Malika Classic, Grand Samarkand , Constantin, Shakhrizada and Sherdor. But amongst big hotels we do recommend Samarkand Plaza, Asia Samarkand and Regal Palace. See the hotel prices here.

Bukhara hotels

As we mentioned above in Bukhara operates lots of private B&B and boutique hotels which render high quality service in friendly manner that you feel like you are at your house.

For those who seek to feel taste of orient we do recommend following hotels which are decorated in traditional way that you feel that you are in a medieval caravanserai. Such kind of hotels are as following: Sasha and Son boutique hotel, Amulet, Amelia, Minzifa  or Lyabi Hauz.

If you are seeking for business type luxury hotel then we recommend you to stay at one of the following hotels: “Asia Bukhara”, “Zargaron Plaza”, “Grand Bukhara” and “Camelot”. See the hotel prices here.


Khiva Hotels

In Khiva there are not many big hotels but among them Asia Khiva and Sobir Arkonchi better than others. Apart from above mentioned hotels lots of privately owned hotels operate and among them we do recommend to stay at one of the following hotels: Malika Khiva, Malika Kheivak, Shakhrezada, Meros. See the hotel prices here.